Katie Reed

Student Spotlight: Katie Reed

Posted by Katie Reed on July 22, 2017

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When I first heard about GMarkU a little over a year ago, I was thrilled to finally find an organization that would allow me to connect with and learn from other government marketers. As a member of the inaugural GMarkU Mentor Program, I’ve had the opportunity to do just that. I have learned a lot over the first three sessions, but a few of the takeaways that really stood out came from our discussion on how to maximize your marketing budget. The group shared a wealth of advice, from tips on ways to partner with other departments to split costs, to how to negotiate lower prices from vendors and media outlets by taking advantage of bundled prices and end-of-quarter/year sales.

One tip I knew that I could immediately implement was to create an event proposal form or checklist to share with sales. By formalizing the first step in the proposal process and soliciting more information up front, I can make more informed strategic decisions about events, ensuring that we focus on events that will yield a high ROI and support our business goals. In addition, sharing the event criteria with sales teams will hopefully promote a better understanding of event criteria and establish expectations for investments. I plan to share this form with our sales teams and post it to our company intranet so that everyone has access at any time. This form is only the first step in a full event evaluation – depending on the event and type of participation, more information and details will need to be gathered and assessed. However, the hope is that by working with the sales teams to complete this initial form, we will improve communication and set a precedent for more critical thinking when it comes to event investments.

Interested in Katie’s event checklist? Click here to download the template and create your own event proposal form.